Case Study for Whitepaper

Most of the people believe that intent data is to give brands a competitive advantage in the coming year. But Skilhat realized that they had to introduce new ways about how intent data can help B2B business as there is a steep learning curve just like any new marketing tool. They needed to convince their clients that intent data helps in keeping the audience engaged and most likely to buy. They need to expand their brand awareness around the value of their product and it’s insane capacity to catalyze revenue growth for the B2B marketers.

Crafting an attractive and compelling campaign –

Over a series of in-depth interviews and brand discovery conversions, the team of our client worked with or marketing team to get a proper understanding of the buyer persona, purchase decisions, and the customer experience that could grab the attention.

We combine those insights into a wider analysis that is competitive and validate them into a team-wide workshop. These teams exercise on the pinpointed factors where Skilhat has established market cred for product-led leadership. They even revealed the lack of strong contact between them and customers and scrutinizes the MarTech community. We even gave leverage to the Google Analytics data so that we could gain some insight into specific affinity categories of their digital traffic.

Here are a few marketing tactics that we came up with –

Educate – Books having the content related to B2B intent data can be of great help. It helps in explaining the campaigns better and helps in going through a crash course that helps in accelerating the growth of your ABM pipeline.
Engagement – With the existing prospects, customers, and employees of Skilhat, social posts were meant to focus on increasing engagement. When it comes to product validation, we all know that community validation is all that we need. Let us accept that a product is impressive only when everyone talks about it.
Empower – With the help of both audio and visual content, our content was fed with audio blogs and short videos that would explain the product better. Plus, a landing page that contained the most popular resources in a single place.

Measuring the performance –

With the combination of the marketing strategy of our client with the power of our intent data, led to an acceleration in the sales and a huge profit of the client.

Building a position of yours around how you solve the problems of your clients might prove to be very effective.

Identify the marketing channels of marketing where your targeted audiences are engaged. Where the people are searching for your product and talking about it. Find those spaces and show yourself there.