Bant Qualified Leads

Capture your future customers with our Bant Qualified leads service.

Here is how BANT works for B2B organisations

The key to a successful lead generation program is the handoff between Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Sales Representative. Your SDR team has to be great at its work so that the sales team gets good leads to whom they can pitch.Lead qualification is the most important part in the B2B business. Expecting your SDR team to pass your sales team the perfect lead each every time is not possible. The fact is that any prospect today would not fit in the criteria of a qualified lead. Here is a technique that organisations should use today to qualify leads today port our customers with detailed intelligence on their Key Accounts to help land, mine & farm these key accounts for maximum revenue.

BANT – BANT is an abbreviation for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline.

Budget – Does the prospect have the capacity to afford your products and services?

Authority – Who takes the decisions to buy in the organisation?

Need – Does your product/service meet the requirements of the customers?

Timeline – What is the timeline of your prospect for buying the product/services?

When at least three out of these four criteria are fulfilled, then only a lead can be considered as a qualified one.

Let us dig a bit deeper into these four criteria and know this sales framework in a better way –

Budget – Money is the considered as the most important factor in the process of purchasing. Budget should be compatible for the prospect so that they are able to make purchases.

Authority – B2B sales are often complicated, and the final decision making may involve many stakeholders. To achieve your goal, you have to track all the people who may impact the decision of sales. Some organizations are complicated, and it would be better to create account maps to track decision makers.

Need – Sometimes, a prospect thinks that they have the knowledge of the problem without even thinking of the solution. Your major task is identifying the problems and challenges of your prospect.

Timeline – This is the last component of BANT. After knowing the budget, the decision makers, and the need of prospects, it is the time to know that by when the prospect turn into a paid client of yours. You even need proper strategies to close the deals so that you can move ahead. Focusing on the leads that express urgency might benefit your business more.

Here are a few factors to be considered while creating the lead qualifying process –

  • Buyer Persona – A great way to qualify your lead is building a buyer persona and using them as a reference point for your lead and through this your sales team get a probability of creating a new customer that would be loyal.

  • Demographics and firmographics – Name, location, job title, etc. come under demographic data which are present with the marketers. Firmographics refers to the data like size of the company, current technology stack, and annual revenue. Your interest should be the pain points and organizational goals.

  • Behavioural data – Prospects leave hints to when want to buy. It is important to pay attention on the type of online body language a prospect is trying to portray.

  • Sales and customer success team – Your sales representatives must have a proper knowledge of how to make lead qualified. Although marketing department is the first one which is to be contacted, but your sales representatives must have the capacity to qualify a lead.


BANT framework helps the sales team to focus on the best leads and that are on the top of the priority list. BANT is an effective way to turn prospects who are actually interested to purchase your products into paid customers