Intent Data

Capture your future customers with our Intent Data Service.


Information that is collected about a web users’ behavior that is observed keenly. Specially web content that is consumed helps in providing proper insights into their interests. To take specific actions, this insight is very helpful and indicates the potential intent of the prospect.


B2B Buyer Intent data is an aggregated set of data that shows you which companies are actively in the buying cycle. These are companies that are actively sending out strong signals that they are ready to buy, and soon. Depending on the tool you use to gather buyer intent data, those signals might include:
  • Someone clicks on a social media ad
  • Several people at a company visit your website
  • Frequent visits to your website
  • Length of time on your website
  • Email newsletter subscriber behavior


First-party Intent data – The valuable insights that you get from the online activities of buyers are known as First-party Intent data. Analytical tools, marketing automation platforms, backend of your website are a few sources of First-party Intent data.
Third-party Intent data – Third-party Intent data involves buyer research everywhere else. Gathering a better view of the activities of your customers is done through Third-party Intent data. With the help of First-party Intent data, you can only witness one important stepping-stone in the buying journey whereas third-party intent data gives you a complete view of the whole path of the journey of the buyer.


Combine Content Consumption and Trigger based signals from four different Intent Sources

First Party
  • Content Engagement with 4-6 million email and phone engagements monthly
  • 1000’s of Purchase Decision surveys across 49 different product categories
Third Party
  • Content Engagement across 600,000 sites and 1B signals per month
  • Identify companies with key buying triggers like high growth, funding, leadership turnover, acquisitions, product launches.


Right systems and processes – Keeping a track of prospects and taking actions becomes easy with intent data as it helps in keeping CRM and marketing tools in place and this benefits most of the B2B organizations.
Reach a defined set of sales – Prioritizing highly targeted prospects can be done through intent data which can be helpful in speeding up the sales cycle and helps the teams to save time on accounts that are not ready to engage. Intent marketing can help businesses to remarket to the prospects of the competitors based on the known needs that those forms may be unable to fulfill.